Valentine Roses and More: New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

Have you finalized your list of New Year’s resolutions yet? Before you do, we’re here to help with some reminders about what may be missing. Valentine roses are just the start – we’re also sharing the secrets about how roses can help you achieve your other goals for 2017!


Resolution #1: Remember To Send Gifts

The big ones to remember are Valentine’s Day roses and Mother’s Day roses. Those are the two holidays that you absolutely cannot forget to send roses for! Some people are intimidated at the idea of sending Valentine roses if a relationship is new or complicated. But you can choose from various rose color meanings to send the perfect message, no matter how romantic or platonic it may be.


As for other occasions, birthdays and anniversaries are the important ones to keep track of. Anniversary roses are just as big of a deal as those for V-Day, so be sure to remember them as well. Are you worried about forgetting a birthday, anniversary, or holiday? Our Can’t Miss Moments subscription is here to help!


Resolution #2: Keep the House Clean

How many times have you vowed to keep the house clean, only to see things out of place just a few days into the new year? Today’s lifestyle is busier than ever, and it’s just plain difficult to keep everything spotless. When you have the time, you often lack the energy or motivation. So how can roses possibly help with that?


Well, the secret about roses is that they have the potential to dramatically improve your mood and motivation! Studies have shown that fresh flowers in the home are associated with better cleaning habits, less stress, and stronger feelings of happiness and contentment. When you feel better about your home, you’re more inclined to keep it clean. When you feel better in general, you’re more likely to stick to any resolution.


Are you wondering how to incorporate roses into your busy life? Our Routine Deliveries subscription will have roses sent to you in regular intervals, so you can refresh your home every week, month, or quarter.


Resolution #3: Be More Positive

There’s no better way to feel happier and more accomplished than by being generous with your time, money, or thoughts. Spread positivity and love by volunteering for organizations that you support, or donating to a charity that you believe in. One of the best ways to get the most feel good benefits, for yourself and someone else, is to surprise them with a special gift or object of affection.


We’ve made it simple and easy to surprise anyone with a rose delivery that’s sure to brighten their day. Consider sending an impromptu bouquet to your grandparents, or surprising your assistant with lovely yellow roses. You can even hand out individual roses or small bunches to residents at your local retirement home or homeless shelter. The only limit is your imagination!


If you’re curious about an easy way to send roses “just because”, check out our Just For Smiles rose delivery subscription.