Understanding the Structure of Roses


In order to have a better understanding of roses and appreciation of their beauty, it might help to have a better understanding of the structure of a flower. The rose, after all, is just a special kind of flower that you enjoy giving to those you really love.

The flower is connected to the rest of the plant by the pedicel or peduncle. Each flower has its own pedicel but a cluster of flowers are connected by a peduncle.

The place where the pedicel ends and the flower begins is known as the receptacle. Roses are unique from most other flowers in that at the receptacle there is the hypanthium which is essentially a bowl-shaped combination of the receptacle and the bases of the petals, stamens, and sepals. The hypanthium grows and eventually becomes the rose hips.

Attached to the hypanthium of a red rose is four whorls, or groups, of parts. The outer whorls, the calyx and the corolla, are the non-reproductive parts. Together they are known as the perianth which contains the androecium which is the third whorl and the male reproductive portion of the flower It is made up of several stamen. Each stamen is has a stalk-like filament and a yellow anther on the top which is where pollen is produced. When the flower is open, the anther opens to release the pollen.

The center whorl, known as the gynoecium is the female reproductive part of the flower which contains several pistils. Each pistil is made of three parts, the stigma where pollen is placed during pollination, the style which is a long stalk, and the ovary at the base of the pistil. One single ovule is found in the ovary. After fertilization, the ovule becomes a seed.

Knowing more about the intricate anatomy of roses is sure to make you appreciate all of the wonders of nature that come together to create the beautiful flowers that Spring In The Air ships to your door and to those important to you. Perhaps next time you see a rose you can look closer and try to notice the different parts.

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