What Are Modern Roses?

If you spend any time talking to rose aficionados you will inevitably hear about “modern roses.” If you are unfamiliar with the history of the rose, this term may seem a little strange. Generally speaking, old roses are the ones that were cultivated before 1867 and modern roses are the ones that have been cultivated […]

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Understanding the Structure of Roses

In order to have a better understanding of roses and appreciation of their beauty, it might help to have a better understanding of the structure of a flower. The rose, after all, is just a special kind of flower that you enjoy giving to those you really love. The flower is connected to the rest […]

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The Different Types of Roses

Everyone loves roses, but not everyone is completely educated about them. There are several different kinds of roses and knowing the difference in displaying a bouquet, planting a garden, and picking out the perfect rose for someone special.   The hybrid tea is the most popular type of rose. It has the high center and […]

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