Cooking with Rose Hips from Purple Roses and More

Purple roses, red roses, and roses of any other color all have rose hips. These rose hips have been cooked and ingested for years for a variety of purposes. Some varieties of rose hips are abundant in Vitamin C while others are believed to have different benefits.   The most common way of cooking and […]

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Hybridization: Tea Roses, Purple Roses, and More

If it weren’t for hybridization modern roses would look much different. Every rose, the purple roses, orange roses, and even red roses that you see in bouquets and arrangements at the florists are all results of hybridization. What many view as “regular roses” are actually hybrid tea roses which were originally the result of cross-pollinating […]

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Rosaceae – the Rose Family, from Purple Roses to Red Roses

All roses from purple roses to white roses to red roses, and beyond are members of the family Rosaceae which is a large family containing many different species. And while their are different rose color meanings attached to different roses, they all have similar characteristics as members of the Rosaceae family. A few defining characteristics […]

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