Wow Your Special Someone with Valentine Roses!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and there’s just nothing like a special delivery of Valentine roses to amaze your true love. Read on for suggestions on the best roses for a wife, partner, or significant other. We also have roses for couples that aren’t so serious, as well as beautiful options to celebrate close friends and single gal pals this February 14th!

Red Valentine’s Day Roses
If you’re seeking a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, red roses are a classic choice. Dozens of long stem red roses are probably the first thing most of us think of when considering a romantic present for this romantic holiday! Red roses represent deep, unconditional love, and are considered to be the epitome of beauty. They are absolutely the best way to tell that special someone that you are truly in love with them.

Red roses represent fidelity, so they send a message of commitment as well. The interesting thing about red roses is that they require very little thought – they’re an easy choice when you’re rushed or not sure what to select – but they mean so very much. If all of this isn’t quite the sentiment you’re trying to convey, there are plenty of other rose hues that are just as perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Passionate Valentine Roses
Some relationships are built on chemistry, spark, and attraction – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Why not celebrate your magnetic connection with roses that speak to passion and seduction? Opt for orange or hot pink rose delivery to wow your special someone and deliver a cheeky message about the heat you two share! Orange roses represent passion, fire, and energy; hot pink roses represent passion, desire, and romance. When bold roses show up at their door, they’re sure to get the point about how you feel…

Romantic Valentine’s Day Roses
Red roses are, of course, romantic. But they aren’t the only option when it comes to expressing romantic love. Light pink roses convey affection and sweetness, as well as happiness and admiration. They’re a beautiful choice for new relationships, when you want to tell someone that your feelings for them are more than just friendly. They don’t come on too strong, and they’re undeniably romantic. You can make an even stronger statement by sending lavender or purple roses. They convey love at first sight – what could be more romantic than that?

Friendship Valentine Roses
Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the couples – they’re also for best friends, single status buddies, and spreading platonic love to those that you care about. Yellow roses capture the essence of friendship, symbolizing thanks, joy, and loyalty. They’re the safest rose choice when you’re not looking to send a message that could be misunderstood, so they’re often sent to coworkers, employees, clients, and friends. White roses show respect and trust, so they’re a beautiful choice for family members this time of year.

There are also those more complicated situations, where friendship might be leading into something more…and there are roses to represent that as well! Bi-color roses and mixed bouquets express the combined meanings of both hues. Bunches of red and white roses represent respect and true love, while bi-color yellow and orange roses have an extra-special meaning: friendship blossoming into passionate love.

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