Rose Delivery – How Will My Roses Be Packaged?

Many Spring in the Air customers have questions about our rose delivery. They often ask how the roses are packaged, if they come in a box, and whether a vase is included.

Rose Delivery Facts

  • Your rose delivery will arrive within a long, sturdy, white cardboard box
  • Vases are NOT included
  • Inside, the roses may have paper or plastic wrapping for further protection
  • Packets of flower food and written instructions are also included
  • The rose delivery should be carefully unpacked and arranged in the vase of your choice
  • Instructions and further details can be found via the video below:

Rose Delivery Questions

Q: Why don’t the roses come with a vase?

A: We have several reasons for sending only the roses for delivery. First and foremost, a vase could damage the rose petals and stems. Being bundled too tightly within a vase – as may be needed to ensure a proper fit and stability – can reduce the longevity and health of the rose. Additionally, vases would increase the cost of shipping because of the additional weight. Finally, most of our shoppers like to arrange roses themselves within their own special vases.

Q: What should I do if I want the roses to look like a gift?

A: We can promise that opening a box and finding it brimming with fragrant, blooming roses makes for quite the gift presentation! If you prefer, though, you can have the roses shipped to your own home in advance, and then arrange them in the vase of your choice. You would then need to deliver them by hand, or ship them out yourself using larger packaging and additional padding. This option also allows you to accent the roses with any additional flowers or decorations that you like.

Q: What have other customers said about the rose delivery and packaging?

A: We’re glad you asked! Check out these quotes from real customers and recipients:

Rose Delivery Customer Testimonials

“Extremely fast delivery! The packing was amazing: a beautiful white box, the roses secured and wrapped lovingly, and information inside plus flower food. The Seller followed up about when to expect the roses and gave lots of valuable information to enhance the experience. Fantastic Seller!” -Kathy H.

Roses were beautiful and recipient very impressed with it’s the large box that the roses came in. Quite a statement.” -Jan C.

I was a bit apprehensive as they are not already set up in a bouquet but when she opened the box it explained everything. Guys these are 25 stunning flowers the best I have ever seen and they are not even in full bloom.My girlfriend said the whole house has a fragrance and the size of the flowers is huge. These are grade A quality and nothing your local florist has will come close. Thank You!” -Kam B.

“As a frequent flower purchaser, I have to send kudos for a lovely experience. The flowers are gorgeous, very long stem, de-thorned, large flower heads, and fragrant. They were boxed perfectly. NICE JOB! Thank you thank you thank you!!!” -K.S.

“These flowers were breathtaking- honestly blew away all my expectations! They arrived faster than estimated, packaged in a very protective box and lasted for weeks. Couldn’t be happier with my choice- def. recommend them for quick, beautiful flower delivery!” -Rach E.

These 25 Roses came on time, in a heavy duty box, with a packet of floral food. Immediately I cropped a few inches off the stems and placed the flowers into a vase with floral food. After 3 weeks, I have about 15 roses left that look good!” -Steve J.

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