Rosaceae – the Rose Family, from Purple Roses to Red Roses

All roses from purple roses to white roses to red roses, and beyond are members of the family Rosaceae which is a large family containing many different species. And while their are different rose color meanings attached to different roses, they all have similar characteristics as members of the Rosaceae family.

A few defining characteristics of the Rosaceae family are that they typically have a hypanthium which is a bowl-shaped structure at the base of the flower containing the stamens, petals, sepals, and part of the receptacle. Additionally they tend to have two green flaps at the base of the leaf, known as stipules and many have thorns. Whether you are buying Mother’s Day roses, happy birthday roses, or roses for any other occasion, they are members of the Rosaceae family.

The Rosaceae family is divided into multiple smaller families: Spiraeoideae, Pomoideae, Prunoideae, Chrysobalanoideae, and Rosoideae. Roses are members of the Rosoideae subfamily, as are strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. From purple roses to white roses, every member of the genus Rosa has stipules, compound leaves, and prickles. Additionally, they tend to have five petal flowers. Roses are the only members of the family to produce hips which are essentially their fruit which is produced by the hypanthium and is similar to an inside out strawberry.

Roses names in Latin begin with the genus “Rosa,” followed by the species name, for example: Rosa multiflora, Rosa canina, etc. Many of the roses seen growing in gardens today are not necessarily members of a certain species, but are hybrids. The roses bought at most florists and used in bouquets are generally tea hybrids.

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