One Time Occasion Roses For Delivery


Here at Spring in the Air, we’re the experts at providing roses for all of the special occasions and holidays that repeat each year. We even have rose delivery subscription services that you can set up in advance, so your anniversary, birthday, and holiday roses are sent out on time automatically. But what about all those one time occasions that you don’t necessarily expect?


Roses are an easy – yet thoughtful – gift, but you might not realize that they’re appropriate for tons of other circumstances beyond the traditional long stem roses for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Read on for advice on roses for housewarmings, funerals, and more.


Let’s address the sad moments first…funerals and memorial services. Roses are a traditional gift to the family after they’ve lost a loved one, and most people opt for white or cream colored roses. These both show respect and reverence, and they are appropriate for religious ceremonies as well. If you’re close to the family, though, you might instead opt for their favorite color rose, or a color that best represents the deceased. This is particularly good for a wake or celebration of life ceremony, but not necessarily appropriate for church services.


Roses are a way to say you’re sorry for someone’s loss, but that loss doesn’t have to be another person. Be sure to include a considerate note that lets the recipient know they are in your thoughts during their difficult time, whatever it may be. “I’m sorry” roses can be sent when someone loses a job or legal case, survives a traumatic experience, or gets a divorce, among other circumstances. These are similar to “get well soon” roses, but usually a bit more somber. Roses to say sorry tend to be white, cream, or pale pink; roses to wish someone a quick recovery are usually yellow, pink, or orange.


Now, on to roses for celebrations! There’s no better reason to celebrate than the arrival of a new baby, and roses are a beautiful gift to honor the whole family. Tell mom and dad congratulations, and welcome the little one into the world at the same time with one or two dozen roses. Sometimes the choice of color depends on the baby’s gender – pink and purple roses for baby girls, blue and yellow roses for baby boys.


Other times the standard rose color meanings are referenced instead. This is especially so when moms and dads are buying “push presents” or roses to celebrate their own bundle of joy. So they might choose white for the innocence and purity of the new baby, or pink to pay homage to mom’s grace, strength, and beauty. Purple roses represent love at first sight, and yellow roses represent thanks. There’s really no bad color choice for new baby roses!


There are plenty of reasons to say congratulations, and a new home or job is high among them. Help a friend decorate her new office with a vivid bunch of high energy orange roses, or give your new neighbor a welcome gift of yellow friendship roses. Housewarming roses and congratulations roses serve as gift, decor, and fragrance, all in one! Other unexpected or one-time causes for celebration include a new pet, a promotion at work, someone returning from being deployed overseas, or getting an excellent report card.


Don’t limit yourself to sending congrats roses to other people, though…you deserve to treat yourself to roses, too. Sign up for a Routine Deliveries subscription, and we will send you roses each week, month, or quarter. Challenge yourself to find a reason to celebrate each time a new bunch arrives, and you’ll make this year your most positive yet. Spring in the Air is here to help with luxury roses for every important moment.