What Does It Mean If You Send Two Dozen Roses

As a Spring In The Air member you have access to the best roses in the world. Not only can you send a dozen long stem roses, you can also order bouquets of two dozen roses. As we’ve discussed earlier, the gift of roses carries significance from its color to the number of roses you send. So, what does it mean when you send two dozen roses?

A bouquet of roses is certainly more eye-catching the bigger it is, but the significance of the number 24 is what really gives two dozen roses significance. The most obvious association with the number 24 is the amount of hours in a day. In this bouquet there is a rose for each hour of the day, therefore two dozen roses tell the recipient that they are loved all day long and that you think about them all day. Tell someone they are always on your mind by giving them a rose for every hour of the day.

Another association with the number 24 is that of 24-karat gold which is the highest purity. Accordingly, a bouquet of 24 roses is a symbol of purity and unvarnished love. With two dozen roses, you’re giving the gift completely devotion with a romantic gesture that says, “I’m yours.”

Of course, one final significance of sending two dozen roses is the sheer amount of flowers. A bouquet of a dozen roses is an impressive gift, but two dozen roses have twice the impact. If the gift of a dozen red roses gives the message, “I love you,” even more impact. Similarly, if you’re ordering roses of different colors to express condolences, congratulations, friendship, or gratitude, ordering two dozen roses rather than one dozen doubles the sentiment.

There’s no doubt that anyone is happy to receive a stunning bouquet of roses delivered fresh from our Colombian farms, but imagine how much more they will be thrilled to receive an awe-inspiring arrangement of two dozen roses. If you’re looking to really make an impact with a gesture they won’t forget, two dozen roses is the way to go.

We have numerous gorgeous arrangements of roses to choose from including hand-made bouquets chosen just for this time of year in our seasonal section. Take a look at the arrangements to pick out the best one for you and your loved ones and surprise friends and family with the gift of two dozen roses.