All about Long-Stem Roses

Long-stem roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world. These beautiful flowers have been ordered as Mother’s Day roses, Valentine’s Day bouquets, anniversary presents, and much more. Traditionally a symbol of true love and devotion, long-stem roses red roses are an excellent choice when picking out roses for delivery to a significant other. Long-stem roses aren’t only available in red though. In fact, the variety of colors to choose from when it comes to long-stem roses make them perfect for any occasion. The long stems make these roses an excellent choice for arrangements as they can be beautifully displayed in vases.

The long-stem roses that you see today are most likely variants of the Hybrid Tea rose. Hybrid Tea roses date back to the early 19th Century when European roses were cross-bred with Chinese roses that were newly introduced to florists. These hybrids became so popular and were viewed as so revolutionary that many today consider the advent of Hybrid Tea roses to be the turning point from Old Garden Roses to Modern Roses. Long-stem roses have beautiful, large single blooms that are able to bloom all year long but also have the pleasing scent of tea roses. Hybrid Tea roses also presented florists with an entirely new palette of colors, allowing for beautiful new arrangements and different ways of expressing feelings through roses.

Of course, the true value of long-stem roses is in the meaning that we give them. Aside from being beautifully displayed in vases, long-stem roses carry the added weight of emotional significance. Traditionally, a bouquet of long-stem roses is an ideal way of saying, “I will always remember you,” or “I still love you.” The gift of a bouquet of long-stem dark red roses has long been one of the primary ways of expressing a long lasting, deeply felt love. These are roses that provide the opportunity to express even more love and admiration than other roses.

If you are looking to order a dozen roses and make someone feel extra special, long-stem roses are the ones for you. Not only will they look great in any vase, but they have historically been some of the most coveted flowers on the planet. Many think that long-stem roses are only meant for a romantic interest or significant other, but they are available in multiple colors and can therefore express numerous sentiments or commemorate almost any occasion. Even if you just hope to decorate your workplace, long-stem roses are an excellent choice.

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