Knowing How to Choose Your Rose

Roses have been given as gifts for centuries, and different colored roses have different meanings. It’s important to know the differences between roses in order to avoid a floral faux pas when ordering a dozen roses. You will want a certain color for Mother’s Day roses as opposed to those you would give to a coworker as a show of gratitude and those you would give to your significant other on your anniversary. Fortunately, we are here to offer you advice on picking out the perfectly colored rose for any occasion.


The most iconic rose of all is the red rose, however when you’re ordering roses for delivery these may not always be the best ones to choose. Dating back to medieval times red roses have been a universal symbol of love. Their power to say, “I love you,” transcends all languages. If you are looking to express deep affection and true love, red roses are the ones for you. For millennia dark red roses have been used to evoke passionate love.


Pink roses are symbols of gratitude, joy, and admiration. As such, these are perfect roses to give to congratulate a graduate or a new mother, even to say thanks to a babysitter or a coworker who has offered exceptional support. Lightly shaded pink roses can also be seen as symbols of sympathy, making them an excellent choice to send to someone who is sick or grieving.


Orange roses can be an excellent choice to give someone at the start of a new relationship. They are used to convey excitement, enthusiasm, and intrigue. This shows that you are happy about how the relationship is progressing, even though it maybe isn’t quite time to say, “I love you,” or convey the passion suggested by red roses. If you’re hoping to impress a new significant other, orange roses could be the ones for you.


Yellow roses are traditionally the roses with the least amount of romantic connotations. If you are looking to eventually be in a romantic relationship with someone, yellow roses aren’t ideal. On the other hand, these are a safe rose to send to a friend who is going through a tough time or a breakup or someone in the hospital.


Finally, we have white roses which are traditionally symbols of purity and innocence. For this reason, they are typically used in bridal bouquets and as wedding decorations. These roses also make excellent gifts to congratulate a newly engaged couple or to send to a daughter on Valentine’s Day. White roses also are symbols of reverence and can be used to express sympathy to someone who recently lost a loved one to simply say, “I’m thinking of you.”
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