Easter Roses from Spring in the Air

Our name, Spring in the Air, speaks to how our roses are grown in Colombia, which is known as the “Land of Eternal Spring”. It always feels like spring here, but it’s a special time of year when Easter and spring rolls around for the rest of the world! Easter roses are traditional gifts, and they’re also used in Easter decorations, attire, and ceremonies. Read on to learn more about all the ways the long stem roses are incorporated into Easter each year.


Easter gifts are the norm for some families, while others don’t celebrate the holiday at all. For those who celebrate the religious meaning of the day, white roses are the perfect gift. These roses convey respect, devotion, purity, and, for those who are religious, Godliness. White rose bouquets are often brought as a hostess gift when attending Easter dinner, or sent to loved ones that live far away. Churches often decorate with white roses for Easter services, and may welcome a gift of one or two dozen roses for the parishioners to enjoy. Some congregations also use red roses at Easter, to represent Christ’s blood. You can always ask your preacher or minister what they would prefer. When it comes to decorating your own home for Easter, the whole rainbow is available. Accent white roses with crimson red as mentioned, or use pastel pink, yellow, orange, and green roses to bring a springtime palette into your home.


White Easter roses are also a traditional gift for parents and children who are being baptized on Easter, or who are receiving their First Communion. It is traditional among many Catholic churches to hold communion services on Easter Sunday. White roses are a lovely way to celebrate the occasion, and they add so much beauty to photos commemorating the important day. Babies and children often wear crowns, corsages, or boutonnieres of white roses to accent their Easter finest attire.


The idea of fancy Easter outfits isn’t limited to the little ones, though. Many adults accent their best white and pastel dresses or suits with corsages and boutonnieres as well. White, pink, and yellow roses are also used to add a touch of fresh beauty to over-the-top Easter church hats! New outfits or pajamas are a classic Easter gift, even for those that don’t celebrate the religious aspects.


There have always been an assortment of holidays and religious events to celebrate in spring, and Easter is just one of them. Many cultures and religions throughout history have gathered to celebrate the coming of spring, a time of fertility and abundance. Roses are a perfect gift for any birthday, religious ceremony, or holiday in the springtime. You don’t have to limit yourself to white, though. Light pink, purple, green, and yellow roses are all beautiful representations of spring.


Those seeking Easter roses can peruse the selection available at Spring in the Air. We offer both traditional long stem roses and eye-catching garden roses for delivery. Voluminous, petal-packed garden roses are a unique choice that have a very “springy” look and scent you will love! Shop online and review our rose delivery subscription services for more information on all we have available.