The Best Anniversary & Valentine Roses


Roses are always a good choice when it comes to celebrating special occasions, but anniversary and Valentine roses in particular need to be extra-romantic. Read on for our take on the best roses for these significant days.


You have two main choices when it comes to rose delivery for a romantic event – color and quantity. Color is the first thing most people consider, and for good reason. Each rose color has a different meaning, from innocence and respect to love and passion. Here’s a quick reference guide to the best colors for anniversary and Valentine’s Day roses.


Red roses are the ultimate choice – you see them all over the media, all year long. Some say that a deeper red hue indicates a deeper love, but all shades of red represent commitment, passion, romance, and love. If you’re in love with someone and looking for a present, red roses are sure to please.


Hot pink roses can indicate seduction and passion, and their color is particularly appropriate for Valentine’s Day. They also delight any recipient who loves the color! These vivid pink roses are eye catching and beautiful selection for your love.


Light pink roses don’t represent passion, but they do signify love, charm, and respect. Their soft, feminine color make them a favorite gift for any female recipient, from moms to daughters to wives. Choose light pink roses to romance the object of your affection!


Lavender and purple roses have a special, specific symbolism: love at first sight! Could there be anything more romantic than that? Buy them for your anniversary, and let her know that she’s been the one since the first moment you saw her.


Orange roses are another fun choice, since they represent fire, passion, and energy. They’re the most flirty of all rose colors, and they send a playful message that speaks to the chemistry that you share with your special someone. Have some fun this year with orange Valentine roses


Your next choice is just the number of roses to be delivered. People tend to think of a dozen roses as the standard, but that has definitely changed in recent years. Twelve roses is now considered a petite bouquet, and eighteen roses is the new classic bouquet size. You can also go with a premium bouquet of twenty-five roses, or a supreme bouquet of fifty roses. If you really want to make an impression, you can double that supreme order and have an incredible one hundred roses delivered to your loved one’s door!


These are good guidelines for rose selections, but you should trust your gut when you place your order. If you know that small bouquets of white roses are your girlfriend’s favorite, for example, go ahead and get them. They might not be as traditionally romantic as long stem red roses, but they will make her happy. The ultimate goal is to please the recipient, and buying their faves shows that you’ve been listening to them.


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