Funeral Flowers for Solemn Occasions

Funerals are never easy, and making arrangements for the occasion is usually the last thing you want to deal with during a difficult time. Let Spring In The Air take care of some of the work by delivering fresh funeral flowers to add some beauty to the proceedings.


It is important to have just the right color of roses at this difficult time, which will add an air of solemnity and remembrance to the memorial. The right bouquet is also able to express emotions and bonds that can be difficult to vocalize in times like these.

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Green Roses

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funeral-articleFuneral flowers are a way of expressing condolence as well as appreciation for and love of the deceased. These bouquets, often of white or cream roses, can offer support to those closest to the departed. They represent the circle of life, and have a way of helping to ease the burden of loss. Take a look at all of the stunning roses Spring In The Air has available for funerals and memorial services.