Proper Care and Display

How To Preserve a Rose

Spring In The Air makes buying roses easy, but it is still vitally important that you know how to preserve a rose once the order arrives.

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Proper Care and Display

Our fresh roses are delicate living products, and with proper rose care  you can rest assured that they will have the longest vase life possible. One key to proper care is knowing that you have fresh roses to start with. In order to assess the freshness of a rose, closely examine the bottom of the stem. This area should be white or close to white if they are fresh. Roses that have spent extended time in a vase will begin to have their stems turn brown from bacteria in the water. Additionally, the petals should feel firm. If the rose has strong petals it will last you a long time given proper care.

Our roses are shipped via FedEx from Colombia and we provide an estimated time of delivery based on the zip code to which we are shipping. It is highly advisable that someone is at the location to sign for the roses when they arrive. We understand that one of the best parts about shipping flowers is the surprise, but you can easily tell someone that a package is expected and that it requires a signature. Roses left outside could be damaged by extreme temperatures and lack of water. Having someone bring them inside immediately guarantees that they will continue to bloom and perform just as you had hoped.


Once the flowers are brought inside there are a few simple steps to caring for them that will keep them fresh the longest:

  1. Fill your favorite vase with a quart of water and dissolve the included flower food into the water.
  2. Recut the stems of the roses diagonally and remove the excess foliage up to the rim of the vase. Doing so allows the water to move to the top of the stem and flower as quickly as possible.
  3. Place the vase in an area away from direct sunlight and arrange the flowers in the vase to your preference.
  4. Every two or three days recut the stems and change the water. This will help give the flower the longest life possible.
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By adhering to these simple instructions for how to preserve a rose you will have gorgeous roses putting on a show for you for several days. Whether you have ordered red roses, yellow roses, white garden roses, or any other variety, the instructions should provide you with everything you need to properly care for your arrangement. These details will also be sent via email with your order, so the information will be immediately available and easy to access. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the care of your roses do not hesitate to reach out to our professionals. If you use our contact page we will get back to you and assist you as soon as possible. We are happy to help make your day extra special with our fresh flowers!