Wow Your Special Someone with Valentine Roses!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and there’s just nothing like a special delivery of Valentine roses to amaze your true love. Read on for suggestions on the best roses for a wife, partner, or significant other. We also have roses for couples that aren’t so serious, as well as beautiful options to celebrate close friends […]

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Fresh Roses: Do You Know Their Hidden Benefits?

Giving and receiving flowers will always brighten your day, but what about the secret benefits of fresh roses? Harvard Medical School did a behavioral research study, along with Massachusetts General Hospital, and found that flower power is a real thing! Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D., conducted the study with an interest in the role that flowers may […]

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Rose Delivery – How Will My Roses Be Packaged?

Many Spring in the Air customers have questions about our rose delivery. They often ask how the roses are packaged, if they come in a box, and whether a vase is included. Rose Delivery Facts Your rose delivery will arrive within a long, sturdy, white cardboard box Vases are NOT included Inside, the roses may have paper or plastic wrapping for […]

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