Using a Dozen Roses as a Centerpiece

Whether you are hosting an intimate family dinner, a sprawling Thanksgiving banquet, or a birthday meal with family and friends, the centerpiece is going to get noticed. A good centerpiece brings the table to life, adding warmth and color to the table before the food even arrives. A good centerpiece attracts the eyes and can even serve as a conversation piece. A dozen roses can be used as a gorgeous centerpiece for any occasion.

Long-stem roses are ideal for decorative vases, first drawing you into the vibrant colors of the flowers, then eventually allowing your eyes to slide down and admire the vase itself. Your guests will be amazed by the gorgeous bouquet and equally impressed by the piece of art that holds them. If you have a bigger or wider vase, two dozen roses can make a lovely large arrangement that is sure to impress.

Spring In The Air has roses in every color, making sure that you can use them as a centerpiece for any occasion. Red roses for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and other romantic dinners. Orange and yellow roses are perfect for Thanksgiving or Halloween. That’s not all, you can use pink or white roses for birthday dinners or a fun summer get together. You don’t even need to have a special occasion to have a dozen roses as a beautiful centerpiece in your home. Make dinner any night of the week extra special with a stunning floral centerpiece.

Don’t forget that our farm fresh roses can also be used for countless other purposes, including decorating the home or office for a party or for a holiday, expressing gratitude to a friend, congratulating a coworker on a promotion, celebrating the graduation of a younger family member, or any other occasion that comes to mind. Of course, sending a dozen roses to a loved one for no reason at all other than to show you care is a great way you make any day memorable.

If you are having a hard time choosing the right roses for your get-together take a look at our arrangements that were hand-made specifically for certain occasions. You can even browse our selection of best selling bouquets or our seasonal collection which contains arrangements made just for this time of year. Spring In The Air delivers the freshest world class roses straight to your door or to the door of your designated recipient, order now.