Reasons to Schedule Yellow Roses for Delivery at Weddings

Roses have a way of captivating the senses, leaving us with an appreciation of their beauty and fragrance. For centuries they have carried their own symbolism and, as a result, have been used in celebrations and ceremonies In modern wedding tradition, white roses have been used in the ceremony and reception as a symbol of purity. However, more and more brides and grooms have been choosing to also decorate with a few dozen roses of different colors as well. Some of the more popular bouquets of roses for delivery on wedding days are made of yellow roses.

When Spring In The Air schedules yellow roses for delivery to a wedding they are providing flowers with a whole different kind of symbolism than that of traditional white roses which symbolize purity. The yellow rose we deliver is a symbol of joy and optimism, two things that are certainly being celebrated at a wedding. If you are considering mixing different colored roses in at your wedding, yellow roses make an excellent option.

We happily deliver roses for weddings, and yellow roses not only have different symbolism, but they can also help create a different atmosphere than a wedding that has only white roses. The brightness and energy of yellow roses is a great way to raise the spirits at a celebration, and your wedding could only benefit from the cheer and happiness that these roses evoke.

In times past, yellow was seen as a symbol of intellect and a regal temperament. What better way to start a lifetime together than by, in addition to purity, passion, and joy, celebrating the regal and intellectual characteristics of the two people getting married. Not only that, the yellow adds more color to the wedding.

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