Hybridization: Tea Roses, Purple Roses, and More

If it weren’t for hybridization modern roses would look much different. Every rose, the purple roses, orange roses, and even red roses that you see in bouquets and arrangements at the florists are all results of hybridization. What many view as “regular roses” are actually hybrid tea roses which were originally the result of cross-pollinating hybrid perpetual roses and tea roses.

The first hybrid tea rose was the result of natural cross-pollination and was discovered in a garden patch in 1867 by Jean-Baptiste Guillot who named it “La France.” Although the parents were actually unknown, it was derived that one was “Mme Victor Verdier,” a hybrid perpetual rose while the other was “Mme” Bravy, a tea rose.

Hybrid tea roses are still wildly popular and can be given as happy birthday roses, Valentine’s Day roses, and much more. Hybrid tea roses have five or seven petals which resemble a tea cup in shape. Although red, pink, yellow, and white are the most common colors, you can find purple roses, orange roses and much more in the hybrid tea variety.

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