Extending the Life of a Dozen Roses


dozen roses

Your new order of a dozen roses from Spring In The Air has just arrived and it looks as beautiful as always. You’ve picked out the perfect place to display your long-stem roses and can’t wait to have people over to show them off. Now your main concern is finding a way to keep them fresh and performing for as long as possible. Follow the simple trick described below to help your roses remain looking great for even longer.


Create a sugar-Clorox mixture for the roses. In a two gallon pail of warm water, mix in one half cup of sugar and two teaspoons of Clorox. Adjust with a similar ratio for smaller amounts of water. This mixture is the key for extending the life of two dozen roses. The sugar in the mixture helps the roses to continue developing while the Clorox keeps bacteria from forming in the water.


When your flowers arrive cut off a half-inch at the bottom of each stem at a slant then place them in a vase with the sugar-Clorox mixture. No foliage should be submerged. Make sure the container was well-cleaned before placing the roses inside and keep it away from drafts or direct sunlight. At night allow the roses to be in a cool place.


If you choose to place any other plants or flowers in the vase with your roses, you will need to harden them. Hardening is done by using the two gallon pail of sugar-Clorox mixture and placing the flowers in them. While the stem is submerged, cut off one inch at a slant. Next, find a cool place to leave the flowers inside the pail overnight. The same process can be used to harden roses which you have cut from your own garden.


If you plan on traveling with your dozen roses and giving them as a gift in person you will want to take good care of the flowers. Clean out an old spray bottle and fill it with water to mist the roses. This will help the petals maintain moisture during times when they might be exposed to direct sunlight, allowing them to arrive at their final destination looking as fresh and beautiful as when they were first picked.

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