A Dozen Red Roses for a Wedding


At first glance some might not think that red roses are right for a wedding, preferring a dozen roses of other colors like white or yellow. However, red roses, and red decorations in general, can add some vibrant colors to the celebration and can actually be traced back to ancient traditions far older than the tradition of white flowers at weddings.

Before you think it is a crazy idea to have red long-stem roses at a wedding, consider this: ancient Romans donned red wedding dresses. Actually, despite it going against the conventional norms of today, it does make sense. Red has traditionally been a symbol of passion, love, and romance while white is the symbol of purity.

Now we aren’t suggesting that you revert to the ancient style of wearing a red wedding dress, just that it might be nice to sometimes add splashes of color in the form of two dozen roses of a different color. At weddings the Romans placed more value on romance and true love than on purity, and certainly both are important at a wedding and in a marriage. Adding a few arrangements of red roses could be the perfect way to remind everyone of the passion and romance that is being celebrated.

Aside from the symbolism, decorating with red roses is a way to make your wedding more memorable and it can provide a brilliant contrast with all of the white decorations and the white bridal dress. Your wedding is your own special day so don’t feel too bogged down by tradition and the need to live up to the expectations of others. If you really love the color red or purple, feel free to get a dozen roses in that color, or to have colorful arrangements at every table. The choice is really up to you.

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