The Different Types of Roses

Everyone loves roses, but not everyone is completely educated about them. There are several different kinds of roses and knowing the difference in displaying a bouquet, planting a garden, and picking out the perfect rose for someone special.


The hybrid tea is the most popular type of rose. It has the high center and large, pointed buds which most people associate with the classic rose. They are generally displayed with only one bloom on a stem.


Another popular rose is the floribunda. This is another modern rose that actually resulted from crossing a hybrid tea with a polyantha. The stunning result was a smaller plant with clusters of blooms which is often used in landscaping.


Grandiflora roses combine the elements of a floribunda and the hybrid tea to great effect. They have the large blooms and size of a hybrid tea with the clusters of blooms found in the floribunda. In rose competitions, however, the grandiflora is not always a favorite as it often is used to describe a mixed bag of dissimilar roses.


The miniflora is a fairly recent addition to the rose family, having been added as an approved classification in 1999. It has quickly gained popularity as it has the appearance of a smaller hybrid tea.


Climbing roses feature extraordinarily long canes that can be trained to grow along a structure in the garden. They are unable to climb a wall on their own like ivy, but can add stunning color to a garden.


The polyantha class of roses dates back to 1875. This rose is unique in that it has the form of a dwarf bush, dwarf blooms, and has a habit of repeat blooms.


Finally, we have the Old Garden Rose, which refers to any rose from a  class that was in existence prior to the introduction of the hybrid tea in 1867. As a result, there are Old Garden Roses, or OGRs, of almost any size and shape imaginable.


If you are looking to get a classic red rose to convey your love for someone special, you most likely are going to be in the market for a hybrid tea rose. In fact, many of the roses listed above are considered primarily for the garden. The roses your order in abundance as a means of communicating love, gratitude, empathy, condolences, or congratulations are not necessarily going to be climbers or polyantha.

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