Cooking with Rose Hips from Purple Roses and More

purple roses

purple roses

Purple roses, red roses, and roses of any other color all have rose hips. These rose hips have been cooked and ingested for years for a variety of purposes. Some varieties of rose hips are abundant in Vitamin C while others are believed to have different benefits.


The most common way of cooking and later ingesting rose hips is through infusion or by drinking them in a tea. The hips of Rosa canina have been used as a coolant, an astringent, and as a diuretic. Rosa roxburghii’s hips were used in China to cure indigestion and the hips of Rosa rugosa were eaten in Japan for a similar purpose. The hips of Rosa pomifera have been made into drinks and preserves in parts of Europe. Clearly people all over the world have found different uses for rose hips. It is important to remember to make sure that your roses have not been treated with pesticides if you are planning on eating them.


The next time you order a special bouquet of happy birthday roses or an arrangement of purple roses to show a new romantic interest that you are falling for him or her, you might remember the fact that in addition to being beautiful and fragrant, roses have something else to offer in the form of nutrition. The more you learn about these fascinating flowers, the more you can appreciate them.


We all know that there are different rose color meanings and that the mere presence of a new arrangement is enough to light up a room and fill it with the fresh scent of a springtime field, but throughout history the rose has also served a variety of purposes and has even been used in cooking. To this day you can still find teas and even some craft beers that incorporate rose hips into their recipes.


Of course, when your order of a stunning hand-made bouquet of purple roses from Spring In The Air arrives, the last thing you will be thinking about is consuming the rose hips. You or your designated recipient will be in awe of the sheer beauty and intoxicating of the fresh flowers and begin wondering where to best display them.


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