When Is It Appropriate to Send Roses?


Giving the gift of a dozen or two dozen roses is an excellent way to express a variety of feelings ranging from condolences to grieving friends and family to a display of everlasting, passionate love. Of course, with so much significance attached to the gift of a bouquet of roses, there are times when it is more appropriate to send roses than others.


Sending long-stem roses to surprise a romantic interest is a surefire way to make their day memorable and let them know how much they really mean to you. Typically, it’s best to send roses to a loved one’s home rather than their place of business. Sending roses to an office could potentially lead to workplace gossip or simply interrupt an important business day. If you are looking to make a public display of your affection, by all means have roses delivered to their work, just try to make sure it’s not the busiest work day of the year.


People who recently lost a loved one always appreciate the gift of roses as an expression of your condolences. Most of the time it is standard to send the roses to the funeral home where they are displayed during the memorial and then sent home after. In some cases, families ask for donations to a charitable cause rather than donations and you should honor these requests and possibly send flowers later to let them know they are still in your thoughts.


Friends or loved ones who are sick or injured and spending time in the hospital also are deserving of well-wishes in the form of flowers. However, some hospitals don’t allow flowers due to the risk of infection or allergic reaction. Check to make sure the hospital accepts flower deliveries. If they don’t, wait until your loved one is discharged and have the roses delivered to their home.


Bear in mind the significance of the colors of rose you send. Avoid the mistake of sending red roses to a platonic friend or coworker who might get the wrong idea. Feel free to send a bouquet of brightly colored roses to friends to show them they’re appreciated, just save the red long stem roses for romantic interests.


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