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Our Promise




To grow and deliver fresh, breathtaking roses that will bloom and

perform before your eyes for many days after you receive them.

Ever wonder why "Fresh Flowers" only last a day or two in your home and then they die?
The flowers you buy from your local florist or supermarket have been traveling in a box anywhere from 12 to 15 days.

Surprised?  Read on...

Fresh flowers in the US are hardly "fresh" when they get to you. 

Most fresh flowers in the USA are grown overseas. They travel in a box for up to 15 days and passed on through many middle men before you receive them.

This process only makes the product more expensive to the consumer and takes away from its natural vase life. That is the way it has been done for the last 30 years.

As Spring in the Air Luxury Roses we believe a perishable product like our amazing roses must be delivered to the end user as quickly as possibe. This is why we have teamed up with FedEx and UPS to ensure the fastest possible delivery of our roses, straight from the fields to your door.
We are the grower, you are the consumer. That's it.
OUR PROMISE is that you will be receiving breathtaking roses, cut from our plants and delivered to your door.

OUR PROMISE is that you and your gift recipient will be absolutely delighted and amazed by their quality and our customer service.

OUR PROMISE is that you will be completely satisfied or we will send you a fresh box of Roses ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE.

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied.
Let us AMAZE you with Fresh Roses exclusively grown at Spring in the Air Luxury Roses