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Our Farms



Spring in the Air Luxury Roses are carefully grown and selected in the most ideal natural conditions for fresh cut flower production found anywhere in the world.

These conditions are a perfect match with our team of experts that have been given the best tools and education available in the industry to produce flowers that are absolutely breathtaking.

Our farms are located South America. Colombia, in particular, is called "The Land of Eternal Spring" because of it's year-round weather conditions and temperature which allow for fresh flowers to grow naturally.
At Spring in the Air Luxury Roses, we have harnessed the power of nature and geared it towards the production of the most beautiful fresh roses you will ever see.

Our team of experts works hard to ensure that each stem is at the right cut stage to allow the flower to bloom and perform before your eyes.

Give us a chance to show you what we mean. 

Let us AMAZE you with the beauty and freshness of Roses from Spring in the Air Luxury Roses.